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This tool leverages the currently available options that Azure platform has to provide an integrated and automated solution to back up the SQL Azure databases.


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Business Continuity in SQL Azure
SQL Azure Backup and Restore Strategy
How to Use Data-Tier Application Import and Export with SQL Azure
Copying Databases in SQL Azure

The solution architecture will have the following characteristics and component structure.


The Execution Tool

This execution tool is a command line tool. It is responsible for running operations, logging, progress information collection, retention processing and etc. Ops team can use any existing scheduling mechanism to schedule the periodical running of this tool. Through command line arguments, the corresponding information needed for the operation can be specified.

The Admin Tool

The Admin Tool is a GUI tool. It is responsible for configurations only. The configuration or profile as called in the data protector toolset is a shared file between the execution tool and the admin tool. A typical scenario would be firstly creating/editing/testing/saving the profile in the admin tool and then use the execution tool to run the backup/restore tasks.

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